I am sure most people have experienced at least one dark night of the soul and understands the pain of that experience. Dark nights of the soul are not a punishment and there is much growth which can result from it. However when one is right smack in the middle of the pain and confusion it is hard to believe that it is for one’s highest good. I am hoping that this analogy will help you to understand what is at work when you experience this.

Think of your house as your body and the electrical system through out your house is your personal belief system. This electrical system is working well in your home supplying the energy needed to run your household just like your personal belief system supports your current reality. But unbeknownst to you, there is a defect in the wiring which creates a fire.

I know that when I was going through a very intense dark night of the soul I said that it felt like purification through fire.  So we will say that this fire in your house represents the burning away of a belief system which no longer serves you. It is a defect just like the wiring in your house. No matter the reason for your dark night of the soul, it brings you to your knees. It bears your soul to the Universe and you desperately search for the reason this is happening, for a reason to continue living.

The fire company arrives and immediately starts to pour water onto your house. In Metaphysics, water often represents consciousness, Spirit or the Universe and that is how I am going to use it now. The water from the hose is extinguishing the fire which is destroying your home. The pain of the dark night of the soul is understood and healed with a new consciousness or a new belief system which the water represents.

So if the water represents a new consciousness, then the firemen handling the hose represent your guides and angels who are pouring love and guidance into your life.

The fire is extinguished and all that remains are burning embers and debris. You look around in horror that your home has been destroyed. In a dark night of the soul part of the pain is that your belief system no longer serves you, no longer explains the reason for life. You stand in horror because what you believed is no longer true and has been destroyed as well.

Hopefully you have purchased a homeowner policy for your home. It has been in place all the while you lived in your home and you really never had to think about it because everything was running smoothly. This is like your higher self, your god self, divine self or guardian angel. It is the part of you which is divine. Many times as our life is running smoothly along we have no need to question or even speak to our higher self. But just like you called your insurance company you will reach out for help when you find yourself in the dark night of the soul. And like your insurance company, your higher self will reach out to you.They are both available 24/7.

With just charred wood being the only thing left from the fire you realize your home must be rebuilt. The adjusters come out to determine the damage and what must be done. The insurance company is not going to agree to rebuilding your home without removing the burned wood and debris. A cleanup crew will come and clean up the mess. There is one more thing that needs to be checked. Is the foundation itself solid? Can your home be rebuilt on this foundation?

In the dark night of the soul you feel that life as you know it has been destroyed. Just bits and pieces of your former life remain standing. Nothing looks or feels the same. Like your insurance company your higher self has been there all the time for your protection but when life is going smoothly it is easy to forget about Spirit as well. After all, everything is fine, no need to check in. But when your life is ripped apart, you call out to Spirit, God, your higher self and it answers your call just like the insurance company answered your call for help. 

You try to make sense of what has happened and your higher self along with your guides and angels point you in the right direction for the answers that you seek. The beliefs that no longer serve you must be torn down just like the charred wood of your home. The foundation of your beliefs must be examined to determine if it is solid or must be rebuilt.

The rebuilding of your home begins and a reputable contractor is procured. In the dark night of the soul you begin to rebuild your life, your belief system, and the contractor in this instance is God, Spirit, the Universe. Your new home like your new life has been rebuilt and made stronger then it had been before. The defects in your electrical system have been corrected just like the defects in your belief system have been adjusted. You have survived your treacherous journey through the dark night of the soul and are now stronger, happier and more at peace with yourself. It was never about punishment. It was about re-birthing yourself and discovering a more authentic you on the other side of the darkness.

By elliez916

Judging Whitney

I was surprised that so many of my friends were judgmental of Whitney Houston and that caused me to think about judging others in general. I have come to understand that when we judge others it is always, always, always the result of us not being able to look within ourselves. When we judge others or something it is always about our “stuff”. This is not a very popular belief as people get down right angry if you suggest this is what happens when we judge others. How dare I insinuate that their judgement of someone using drugs has anything to do with an issue they might have. 

It’s hard to look in the mirror and it takes real courage to look within yourself as it can be a rough terrain filled with pain we have not healed. It is much easier to judge someone else then to deal with any of our own wounds. The judgement you fling at others comes right back at you. 

Why can’t we honor the beautiful voice she brought to this Earth? Better yet, why can’t we honor her struggle and allow her to be human? We all struggle with something, be it drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, sex, gambling, food, credit cards and the list could go on. She must have had a deep well of pain for her life to end that way. When we have a generous spirit towards others it is easier to love ourselves, warts and all. Blessings

By elliez916


Awaken my children, awaken to the dawn of a new day. Rejoice in your hearts for the light is here to stay. It has been a long time coming but it is coming and once here in it’s fullness, it will never leave again. It has been ordained by All There Is. The age of peace which has been foretold by the Ancients is at hand.

By elliez916

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By elliez916